Fisherman's Mistake Captured In Viral Photo. Can You See What's Wrong?

Barra Jacks Rockhampton

Remember when you were a kid, they had those "Spot The Difference" and/or "What's Wrong With This Picture" puzzles? I don't know about you, but I was usually pretty good at those (although I was far from being a junior Sherlock Holmes). Still, I have to admit this photo had me stumped for a good bit until I figured it out.

Hundreds of people on Facebook have tried and failed to figure out what's wrong with this seemingly idyllic photograph. Think you can beat them?

This photo of a fisherman enjoying a day out on an Australian river was originally posted to the Barra Jacks fishing page, challenging fellow fishing enthusiasts to call out what's wrong with the picture. It took a little while, but eventually, users figured out that this amateur boater appears to have left his trailer attached to his boat (you can see a bit of the trailer at the front of his boat in the photo).

That's bizarre enough as it is, but more people seemed to have trouble with the "why" of it all as opposed to the "what." Multiple users commented that they could not, for the life of them, figure out how the man had even managed to do this at all. Some users also took a moment to make light of the situation with comments such as "What a great idea. Now you can drive her straight out," and "He’s just learning so he still needs the training wheels on."

Whichever way you slice it, it's a pretty silly mistake to make. Maybe this guy could have used a little lesson in the basics of boating:

  1. Check Weather Forecasts:
    The New York State Department of Health advises that "If you are swimming, fishing or boating and there are clouds, dark skies and distant rumbles of thunder or flashes of lightning, get to land immediately and seek shelter. If you are in a boat and cannot get to shore, crouch down in the middle of the boat. Go below if possible."
  2. Don't Overload:
    This should be fairly self-explanatory. Know how much weight your boat can handle and don't bring more gear/people than that amount unless you really like sinking ships.
  3. Wear Life Jackets:
    According to the U.S. Coast Guard, nearly 80 percent of boating fatalities could have been avoided had the victims been wearing a properly fitted life jacket. Simple rule of thumb: if you're out on the water, you need a well-fitted life jacket.
  4. Don't Drink And Drive:
    Just as with driving your car, driving/operating a boat while under the influence can seriously impair your judgement and reaction times. 
  5. No Horseplay:
    This includes paddle wars, wrestling, or any other activities that will quite literally rock the boat. Safety on a boat is no laughing matter.
  6. Watch For Swimmers:
    Whatever kind of boat you may be on, always keep an eye out for swimmers and kayakers. If you see one, keep your distance.

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