Flower Lamps Bloom When You Stand Under Them

Since the release of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids in 1989, we've all dreamt of frolicking underneath giant flowers. Okay, maybe that's just me, but it looks like some architects in Jerusalem had similar thoughts. In 2014, HQ architects introduced an installation called "Warde" that consisted of placing large "flowers" throughout their city. Check out the pictures of their work below to learn more about these beautiful and useful structures.

The flowers are located in Jerusalem's Vallero Square.

These giant structures measure nine meters by nine meters each.

Whenever someone gets near, or if the public transit is close to arriving, the flowers "bloom."


The red petals inflate, providing shade and a pleasant burst of color for pedestrians walking by.

The Design Boom submission for this piece states that its purpose "was not to fight the chaos but instead to try and lighten up the urban space."

They even come equipped with lights that brighten up the area where people wait for the tram.

According to Design Boom, "Warde" hopes to improve the area "by spreading around these four elements that have a hint of fantasy, and with their help, overcome the reality of the square."


"Warde" certainly looks like a worthwhile installation that's brightening the lives of those who pass underneath it each day.

To see the “Warde” in action, check out this video:

Via: Lifebuzz | Design Boom

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