For Cats Who Always Dreamed Of Ruling Their Kingdom... Now, Their Dreams Can Finally Come True

Many cat lovers might go out of their way to get their beloved felines some special toys or perhaps a cat bed or tree. However, people who absolutely adore their cats might be interested in surprising their furry family members with none other than “cat heaven”. Available from, this cat furniture is the perfect gift for spoiled kitties.

The company creates aesthetically pleasing walkways and towers for cats.

Stefan Hofman, Goldtatze’s designer and craftsman, started the brand when first making apartment walkways for his cat, named Mowgli.

The results were quite impressive.

Goldtatze, which translates to “gold paw”, carries a series of ceiling-suspended products, including scratching poles, suspension bridges, climbing poles and kitty condos.


Some cats might even enjoy their entire days climbing and relaxing on their elevated furniture.

If your cat already loves heights, image what he or she will do when you bring this into your home.

You can even get your own, custom designed “cat heaven”.

It might be expensive, but imagine all of the joy it will bring your kitties.

After all, you could take photos like this of your picture-perfect cat.

For cat lovers who want to really pamper their kitties, a “cat heaven” might just be the perfect way to do it.


Have you ever done something extraordinary for your pets? Let us know all about it in the comments below!

Credit: Goldtatze

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