For Over 30 Years, He Collected Pebbles Just So He Could Build This Stunning Palace.

The Internet is full of amazing and unbelievable stories, but the story of French postman Ferdinand Cheval is definitely among the most peculiar. Take a look.

Here is the postman’s dream home. It took him 30 years to build. He only used one material…

Pebbles and stones that he found along his postal path.

Allegedly, Cheval began construction in 1879 after he tripped over an unusual stone. Inspired, he began collecting more pebbles along the path he walked each day to deliver mail, slipping the stones into his pocket to transport them home. As his obsession grew, he needed baskets and, eventually, a wheelbarrow.


Looking at these amazing structures, it is hard to believe that Cheval built them alone, often working by oil lamp in the dead of night. The only thing holding it together is cement, lime, and mortar.

The architecture of the finished structure clearly showed Christian and Hindu influences. Many came to visit the incredible site, including world-renowned artist Pablo Picasso.

The intricate detail here is amazing. It almost appears to be a giant sandcastle, but the structure is 100% pebble.

A closer look reveals a myriad of animals, both real and mythological. It must have taken the postman ages to create these.


After such an incredible feat, you might think the postman retired, but he wasn’t the type. He immediately went to work on an impressive mausoleum, where he was buried in 1924.

Cheval had no formal training – just a vision and heck of a lot of patience. Here he is with his wheelbarrow. His amazing work will never be forgotten.

In 1969, the pebble palace was declared a historic and cultural landmark. France celebrated by putting Cheval on a postage stamp in 1986. Don’t forget to share this amazing sight with friends and family.

Credit: Postman Cheval’s Ideal Palace

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