For Under $25, This DIY Sofa Table Is A Must-Have Living Room Addition

Anyone can have their ideal home decor, if money isn't an object. For those working with a budget (a.k.a. most of us), it can be a little harder to find just what you need. Add in a challenging layout or small space, and it becomes even more difficult to find the right item.

That's the issue one couple ran into when it came to decorating their new living room.

They found a couch that fit perfectly in the little L-shaped nook ... but left no room for a side table.

Instead of giving up and resigning themselves to spending a life of holding everything on their laps, one couple decided to build themselves a solution.

They took a trip to the local hardware store and returned with one pine board (measuring 1"x6"x8"), two furring pieces (measuring 1"x2"x8"), four banister rails, screws, a cordless drill, clamps, stainable wood filler, stain and paint.

After the shopping trip, it was time to break out power tools and roll up their sleeves.

First, the long pine board and furring strips have to be cut to the length of the sofa. After that, attach the furring strips to the bottom of the table top (long board).

The clamps are used to hold the strips the board and pilot holes drilled about every foot.

Pilot holes are used to make screwing the wood together easier and to keep the wood from splitting.


After the pilot holes have been drilled, get to work with the screws.

There's no "right" way to do it, but it can be easier to do a few on one side and then switch to the other instead of doing one whole side at a time.

These two-inch screws are perfect for this DIY project. 

These particular screws have a star shape at the end, which gives added torque for easier driving. That makes them extra amateur-friendly.

After that, it's time to attach the rails/legs to each corner.

The process is similar to the way the furring strips were attached. Just drill a pilot hole and sink a screw in each corner.

Once the legs are attached, it's a great time to add extra support.

Drill another pilot hole on the outside of each leg and drive another screw in to hold everything together and keep the table sturdy.

When all put together, they had the skinniest table ever seen.

While it might be lacking in width, it fits perfectly behind the sofa and provides just enough space for a few lamps, knick-knacks and a cold glass of water.


Now it's time to customize the table and make it fit with the rest of the decor.

The screw holes were topped up with the wood filler. After that, a few coats of stain on top and a couple layers of pain on the legs were the final touch.

When it was all dry, it was a chic and functional project anyone would be proud to claim.

The final product is only six inches, but it suits its purpose.

They scooted the sofa forward and slid the table into the gap.

All that's left to do is figure out which choice items will sit atop the gorgeous surface.

A few plants for a breath of fresh air, two lamps for function and a couple photos for aesthetics is all it takes to finish this cheap DIY project.

This small piece is the perfect inspiration for anyone dealing with a small space, a small budget or both.

Via: Always Never Done

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