Forget Dorms. This Student Is Going To Graduate Debt-Free, All Thanks To A Tiny House

Everyone knows that attending a university is far from cheap, but it’s often unexpected costs that really add up. Technology, books, food, housing – unless you are lucky enough to have scholarships or family members footing the bill, you’re looking at graduating with a mountain of debt. If only there was a better way …

25-year-old Joel Weber, a design major at the University of Texas, didn’t want to be held back by debt after graduation, but he also wanted a home to call his own. What he came up with is brilliant – take a look.

Joel designed and built a tiny house for only $20,000. 

He saved what he could for materials, but also received numerous donations from his family, friends and community. 


The house boasts two loft spaces – one for himself and one for a guest. 

It might be small, but it sure beats living in a dorm! 

As of right now there is no toilet – but it’s high on Joel’s to-do list. 

The storage allowed by Joel’s unique design is awesome …


But the best part is avoided debt. Joel estimates that the tiny house will save him over $19,000 per year while he finishes his studies. He also plans to maximize his home’s sustainability by adding a rain water collector and solar panel in the near future. 

Once college is over, Joel can hitch his tiny house up and move it to grad school, a new job or wherever life takes him! Enjoy your tiny home, Joel. You’ve earned it. 

Via: Daily Mail | Joel Weber

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