Forget The Bucket And Pail Of Your Childhood, This Couple Takes Sand Castles To Another Level.

If you're buried under snow and cold this week, you might be daydreaming of a beach vacation. Maybe kicking back on the white, sandy beaches and taking in... elephants, gorillas and dragons?

You might if you were lucky enough to find one of Paul and Rem Hoggard's epic sandcastle pieces. The British and Dutch couple travel the world, leaving their whimsical artwork on beaches for all to admire.

They are in their 40s and have competed professionally in sand-sculpture building (honestly never even knew there was such a thing) since the 1990s.

Their structures sometimes even require wood supports to hold them together.

The sculptures are huge and take several days to complete.


It's hard to believe this is made out of sand. It looks like it's carved out of marble.

“Here, there be dragons.”

Bringing the Serengeti to suburbia with this lion pride.

They say the elephant graveyards were some of their most challenging.

Some of their pieces are visually stunning.


While others are just plain awesome.

This one seems so perfect in its surroundings that it's hard to believe it was created by just two people.

Credit: Paul & Remy Hoggard | Daily Mail UK

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