Forget The Pool. This Epic Water Slide Drops You Right Into One Of The Most Beautiful Seas

There are a million reasons to take a vacation in Sicily. The world-reknown food. The Byzantine art. The gondolas. The... water slides? Among their other world-class resort offerings, the Citta Del Mare Hotel‘s cascading slides are an unexpected delight.

Surrounded by a natural park off the Gulf of Castellammare, the Citta Del Mare already offers gorgeous panoramic vistas of the Italian coast. 

The slides are broken up into a series of lagoons. The very last slide sets hotel guests plunging into the Mediterranean Sea.

Citta Del Mare, as you might guess from the Italian "city of the sea", has an emphasis on aquatics. There's scuba diving, relaxation pools and lap swimming all available on-site.


But obviously, the water slides are the biggest hit for Citta Del Mare's tourist visitors.

Like this tourist who felt like he was starring in his very own water world action movie:

But what Citta del Mare really offers is the absolute best in water relaxation and adventure.

Via: Roadtrippers

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