Forget "Where's Waldo?"... Finding Momo The Dog In Each Of These Photos Is Way More Fun

Every time Andrew Knapp, a graphic designer from Ontario, Canada, tried to play fetch with his dog, the dog would run and hide rather than return with the stick. Momo, his black-and-white border collie, and his strange antics inspired him to create this fun photo series. That’s right: Momo is back for more fun.

At first these look like serene, beautiful landscapes, but if you look a little closer you might see Momo peeking out from behind a car or hiding behind a shrub. If you loved the classic children's book "Where's Waldo?", then you are in for a treat with this playful series with an adorable hidden surprise in each photo. 

This is Momo.

Now, find him.



Credit: Go Find Momo

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