Four 5th Graders Dressed In Onesies Took Their School's Talent Show By Storm

Remember the days when you'd see the sign in the school hallway: "Talent Show this month!" That simple sign always got everyone so excited - you and all your friends would start planning the various acts you might be able to put on, then spend countless afternoons rehearsing. It was so much fun!

That spirit of fun is alive and well in the performance from the boys in the video below, as they put on quite a spectacle for their fifth-grade talent show. They decided to do something funny and unexpected, and they absolutely nail it!

Everything starts off normally enough, but when the camera pans left, there's a tall length of black fabric in front of the audience. It quickly pulls away to reveal four boys sitting behind elaborate puppet-style costumes against a white backdrop. They're dressed in onesies and have pacifiers in their mouths to complete the "baby" look.

Now, that image alone is more than enough to get me cracking up, but when the music comes on the fun really begins!

As Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" starts playing through the stereo, they start lip-syncing the lyrics in turn, while dancing to the beat. The feet on their costumes are attached to their arms, allowing the whole costume to jam out to the music.

Perhaps the best part of the whole performance is that none of the boys hold back or hesitate - they fully commit to the goofiness of the whole thing, and it gets the whole crowd to laugh along with them. 

Watch the video below to see the whole thing (it's actually a song medley!), and don't forget to SHARE this with your family and friends.

H/T: Randy Benson

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