Four Sisters Took A Photo Every Five Years. Watch The Passage Of 40 Years In Under A Minute

Whether or not you want to own up to those questionable style choices you might have made in the past, you know you (or your family members) have a lot of pictures of your formative years. Looking back at those times can be a blast: you see the ways you’ve changed, and the things that stayed the same. There are special events and memories like weddings and birthdays, and other milestones. The one constant throughout is the passage of time and the changes that come with it.

Nobody knows that lesson quite like the Brown sisters – Heather, Mimi, Bebe, and Laurie. Since 1975, Detroit-based photographer (and Bebe’s husband) Nicholas Nixon has taken a group shot of the sisters throughout the years. The first shot was taken when the girls were aged 15-25. It’s remarkable to see how they grow over the years.












For the first few years, the poses look a little bit stiff, as if they were politely posing for the standard awkward family photo. Over the years, the tradition grew stronger and served as a way to bring the sisters back together again. You can see, as time passes, how this tradition has literally brought them closer to one another. The entire collection of photos has been made into a book, Nicholas Nixon: The Brown Sisters. Thirty-Three Years, which is available on Amazon. 

Credit: Nicholas Nixon | ViralNova

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