Frames Are The Storage Solution You've Been Looking For

Frames have the power to make our photographs look a lot nicer without much effort. After all, we aren't changing what's inside the frame, we're just wrapping it up in a nice package. In college, I never framed my photos or posters - I just hung them up with command strips and thumb tacks. It was easy, but they looked pretty rough. Today, I wouldn't dream of putting anything on my wall without a frame around it.

Did you know that pictures aren't the only things that can benefit from having a nice frame around them? That's right, a lot of common household items feel right at home inside of an upcycled wooden frame.

From holding earrings to rolls of toilet paper, there are all kinds of clever ways to use frames around your house. Scroll through the images below for our ten favorite frame DIYs.

1. Earring Holder

Marty's Musings

Your jewelry is beautiful, so why keep it hidden away in a box? Instead, fill a frame with chicken wire and use it to hang your favorite earrings and other accessories. 

2. Phone Charging Station

The DIY Mommy

If you're anything like me, you're always looking for a place to charge your phone. This framed phone holder is the perfect way to always ensure that you have a charger at the ready. Plus, you can use it in your kitchen to hold up a tablet while you read a new recipe or watch YouTube videos while putting away the dishes. Click here to learn how to make it.

3. Bathroom Air Freshener

i heart naptime

Some framed shelves like these would look great in any room, but they're especially useful for storing air fresheners and trinkets in your bathroom. Click here for full instructions.


4. Framed Thermostat

Felt So Cute

Do you see the thermostat hiding in this picture? Thanks to a sleek, round frame, this family's thermostat blends in nicely with their family photos. Turning on the A/C has never felt so fancy. 

Felt So Cute

5. Key Holder

this lyre lark

Keys are some of the easiest things to lose, which is why this framed key holder is such a lifesaver. We love the way this one looks for two reasons. First, they painted their frame pink to make it really pop against their white walls. Second, they used embroidered material instead of chicken wire. Each of these choices make this key holder look nice and homey.

6. A Frame For Your Frames

cupcakes And cashmere

You don't need an art degree to know that sunglasses look cool. So, why not put them on display when you're not using them? Not only will this make them easier to find, but you'll have a piece of wall art that's constantly changing!

cupcakes And cashmere

7. Switch Up Your Light Switches

Me, Myself, & DIY

We've discussed this DIY before, but it's too awesome not to bring up again. By simply adding picture frames to your light switch plates, you can make any room look a lot nicer.


8. Toilet Paper Display

Small Room Ideas

A piece of toilet paper art might not sound too classy, but you'll be surprised by how much your guests will love this quirky display. The best part? You won't be running out of T.P. anytime soon ...

9. Cute Memo Board

One Good Thing By Jillee

We could all use a little more organization in our lives. Stop burning through sticky notes and craft yourself a framed memo board in just a few minutes. Click here to learn how.

10. Funky Framed Labels

Better Homes and Gardens

Frames can add personality to the most boring places in your house, like the laundry room. Use these framed labels to keep track of everything from Christmas decorations to old family photos.

Finally, check out this easy tutorial for adding chicken wire to any frame:

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H/T: Faith Tap

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