From Above It Looks Like Giant Gummy Bears Are Taking Over Malta, But When You Zoom In ... Wow

Malta’s three-day street art festival is an annual event that attracts thousands of artists every year. Along the promenade of Sliema, tourists and locals alike show off their best work. However, after two years in Sliema, the festival coordinators hope to move the festivities to the capital in 2016.

The festival is a hub for all creatives. While the artists are hard at work creating their masterpieces, four music stages surround the promenade for maximum enjoyment. The event isn’t just for the street artists. It’s a destination for musicians, local merchants and entertainers as well. 

The 2015 Malta Street Art Festival housed Leon Keer’s stunning “giant gummy bear” masterpiece.

Tourists love taking pictures with the gummy bears mourning the loss of their green friend. From above, it looks like you’re a part of the action.

The 3D streetpainter developed his talent through his designing and producing of large advertising murals for clients such as Coca-Cola. 


Of course, only an aerial view will provide the best effect. From above it looks as if a gummy bear invasion is rolling down the street.

Although the incredible detail makes it hard to believe, Leon Keer uses purely chalk to create his gummy bear scene. 

If you would like to see more of Leon’s remarkable work, check out his many collections on his Flickr account. It’s highly reccommended. His artwork is top notch.

Via: Leon Keer

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