From The Curb, This Woman's House Looks Normal, But The Inside Holds A Most Unexpected Collection

For most people, Coca-Cola is just a beverage that they enjoy from time to time. For Lillian of County Cork, Ireland, it’s a private obsession. She recently revealed a shocking secret about her home. Although it looks like any other house from the outside, once you step inside, it’s anything but ordinary.

Lillian, a wife and mother of two, has been collecting Coke memorabilia for over 30 years. Today, her Coke themed home is overflowing. It looks more like Coca-Cola museum than a home, with walls covered in the classic red and white colors of the Coke brand. The logo is showered throughout the entire house, and her Coke collectibles are displayed in every room, even the bathrooms.

From the outside, all looks well and normal.

Once you step in, it’s a different story. Everything is red and white.


Even the chandaliers are made out of glass Coke bottles.

Memorabilia is all over the house, even in the kitchen.

It’s not tough to tell that this woman loves Coca-Cola.

The shelves are red throughout, matching Coke’s colors.


Even the bathroom is consistent with the rest of the house.

And of course the bedroom has Coca-Cola bed sheets and wallpaper.

In the backyard, a private place to enjoy her Coca-Cola.

It looks like a cola lover’s paradise.

Truly, she is Coca-Cola’s biggest fan.

Credit: Little Things | Neil Prendeville

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