From The Outside, It's Just An Old Boat. When You Head Below Deck, You Won't Believe How Cool It Is

Most people barely even notice barges along the water, as they are typically just transporting goods or garbage back and forth. They're generally considered an unsightly, but necessary presence along an otherwise picturesque water view. But a designer saw potential in the barge, and created something absolutely stunning that anyone would be happy to call their own.

The barge, docked in Stockholm, Sweden, was built in 1909.

It had fallen into disrepair and sat for decades without any use.

Nobody would have guessed that the old barge would come back to life as a floating house.

The long shape suits the home beautifully, and the skylights look like they were meant to be there.

The circular porthole windows add an appropriate nautical theme that never ventures into kitsch.


Some original details, like this waterproof door, were too cool to take down.

It's just 1,600 feet, but it seems so much larger from the layout.

The open kitchen, dining room and living room take up the first floor.

The kitchen is completely modern, with appliances that would make any home chef swoon.

Upstairs is spacious, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The sitting area curves perfectly around the hull of the barge.


There's a window to the water from a wooden soaking tub.

Bunk beds in the second bedroom make it perfect for a family.

The asking price for this barge home is $800,000 (but that doesn't include the docking fees). 

Imagine buying it for a retirement home and sailing the seas.

You've got to love these 360 degree waterfront views.

Credit: The Little Things | Skeppsholmen 

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