From The Outside, This Looks Like A Crumbling, Old Factory. But After Seeing What's Inside... Wow.

This isn’t a crumbling old factory. Well... it was, but no longer. Thanks to the creative vision of architect Ricardo Bofill, the factory was transformed from a decrepit old structure into his dream home. When he discovered it in 1973, it really wasn’t much to look at, but Ricardo was able to see past all that and see the potential. Now, it’s a luxury home that would make anyone jealous.

This was the factory as it was first discovered in 1973.

Over the next two years, Ricardo completely transformed the building, located in Barcelona.

It’s certainly quite roomy, at over 3,100 square meters (roughly 33,000 square feet).

The original factory complex had a lot of silos, machine rooms, and even a bunch of underground structures.

The building was redesigned to become the headquarters of his Taller de Arquitectura (literally ”Architecture Workshop”), but he also had plenty of room to put in a home for himself as well.


He tore down some parts of the building, and added to others.

Ricardo said that “eight silos remained, which became offices, a models laboratory, archives, a library, a projections room and a gigantic space known as ‘The Cathedral’, used for exhibitions.”

The juxtaposition of clean, modern design against the exposed and worn industrial setting creates a striking effect.

Looks like a great place to relax.

Every detail of the house was planned to perfection.

Some parts of the house almost feel otherworldly.


Each space is characterized by its own unique design.

Ricardo loves having his home and office so conveniently rolled into one.

“To be an architect means to understand space, to understand space organized by man, to decipher the spontaneous movements and behavior of people, and to detect the needs of change that they might unconsciously express. It is essential to track down these issues if we want to contribute with our personal work to the history of architecture.” -Ricardo Bofill

The outside of the factory is just as stunning, with immense gardens surrounding the complex.

Credit: Ricardo Bofill | Yatzer

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