From The Outside, This Looks Like A Hobbit-Like Entrance. But After Seeing Inside, I'm Jealous.

If you had to list your favorite thing about Middle Earth, you might list the foliage or the adventures or Elijah Wood's big baby blues. But what about the home design? 

Ash Yeats of Torii Gardens of Bedfordshire combined his love for J.R.R. Tolkien with his love of Japanese gardening to create this stunning Hobbit hole.

Who wouldn't want this gorgeous hobbit hole in their garden? (Orcs, that's who.)

Using the root space from a dead apple tree, Ash cleared space for his hole.

Within the pit, Ash built a strong wooden frame and reinforced the retaining walls with sheet metal.

Amazingly, he did most of the digging by hand.


Finally, the hole was closed and sealed with the circular doorway in place.

Layers of tarp, wood and sheet metal keep moisture out.

Next, he added turf to the top of the hole.

The first thing to go in the Hobbit hole? Cozy slippers, naturally.

It's still pretty small to fit in the garden.

But there's plenty of space for relaxing and just getting away from the world.


Ash already has plans to build a second Hobbit hole in his garden.

Can you imagine a more perfect place to relax and have a cup of tea?

Even cuddle up with a loved one.

Ash looks pretty pleased with his creation.

This is the kind of Hobbit hole you'd dream of returning to from whatever adventure awaits.

Credit: UK Hobbit Hole

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