Fun Ideas For Purple Nail Polish

While there are some colors that are just always going to be there come autumn, fashion dictates that when the seasons change, new trends are going to emerge. Plum is just one such trendy color, and it’s staking out a claim in clothing, shoes and, of course, nail polish. These 12 images cover a broad range of fun and cool ideas for what you can do with this dark and mysterious fall color.

1. A couple accent nails detailed with the actual fruit sets the right tone.


2. Metallic flourishes go particularly well with the deep hue.


3. You don’t have to get too creative with a set of perfectly glossy plum nails.

Miss Lindsay Lane

4. The metallic touches don’t have to end with your fingertips...



5. Matte polish isn’t for everyone. Pointed nails aren’t for everyone. Add some plum polish and you’ve got one terrific conversation starter.


6. Galactic glitter really catches the eye.


7. But not as much as this gorgeous gradient.

Stuff Point

8. “Plum” is a pretty wide range, so don’t be afraid to go dark with it.


9. Spice up this trendy tone with some pumpkin-colored glitter.

Glitter and Nails


10. Again, metallic touches can really elevate this look.


11. Go heavy with the glitter, go light, go eclectic, it’s all good with plum.


12. When you dive into on-trend colors, experimentation is welcome and warranted.


Play around and find your perfect style. If you’ve got a fun idea, post it in the comments.

Via: Diply

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