Funniest Examples Of Kid Logic At Work

Kids really do say the darndest things. While their little minds are developing logic and reason, they tend to believe something ridiculous and stick with their beliefs.

Scientifically, the early years are the most active point in a child's life for establishing the neural connections that continue into adulthood. Brains are complicated, so it is impossible to determine which connections are made by a certain age. Genetics and environment play a key role. So when a child hilariously says something that seems logical, it is in the spur of the moment. 

Let's have a look at 15 of those random acts of child logic.

1. This Leprechaun Is In For It

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A child and his mother made a leprechaun trap for St. Patrick's Day. The mom asked what he was going to do with the leprechaun when he catches it. His response: Ask it hard questions.

2. The Fish Are Going To Drown!

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Too little girls watched as their dad cleaned the fish tank. When he started to refill it one girl exclaimed, "WHOA, DAD, NOT TOO MUCH, THEY'LL DROWN!"

3. I Don't Speak German

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A little girl was having trouble communicating in school, so the parents asked her to tell them stories. They pointed at a German village and asked what was going on in the photo. The girl said she didn't know because she "doesn't speak German."

4. You're Not My Father!

Philippe Put

A little girl was asked to do something and refused. 

Girl: Why should I do it?!

Dad: Because I said so. And I'm your father.

Girl: You're NOT my father!

Dad: Uh....what do you mean?

Girl: Fathers don't see their kids very often, you're a daddy.


5. Hair Dye Saves Lives


A 6-year-old's grandmother told her she would pass away when she was old and gray. She had been dying her hair and the boy became fascinated with her gray roots, thinking the dye was somehow keeping her alive.

6. The Babysitter/Friend


From the babysitter's perspective, she is making a few extra bucks. From the kid's perspective, his mom lets her hang out at their house.

7. The Flying Turtle


A 4-year-old read a book about a turtle who learned he couldn't fly after falling out of a tree and cracking his shell. So he threw himself down the stairs so he could crack his "shell" and learn to fly. It didn't work, but he's okay.

8. Is The Bath Windy?


A mom was running a bath for her daughter who asked if it was cold. No. Then she asked if it was hot. No. She looked confused and asked, "is it windy?"

9. My Sister Lives In Antarctica

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One little girl told the teacher she didn't finish her homework because her sister took the colored pencil and moved to Antarctica. The teacher said no one lives in Antarctica. The girl responded, "She does. She lives there now."

10. Hand-Me-Down To The Dolls

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When a little girl's mom tried to give away the clothes she had grown out of, she told her not to because when the clothes got small enough she would put them on her dolls. She didn't realize that she was actually growing - it wasn't that her clothes were shrinking.


11. Fairy Godmothers Aren't Real


A mom was reading Cinderella to her daughter. When they reached the part with the fairy godmother, the girl said, "I know this story is fiction." The proud parent asked why and she responded, "because, in real life, fairies only come when you lose your tooth."

12. Long Snakes

Brett Jordan

A kid didn't believe snakes could be bigger than him, so his cousin showed him a picture. He looked at his cousin like he was an idiot and said, "That snake isn't bigger than me, it just has more long.”

13. You're Not The Boss Of Me... In The Morning


A little girl wanted to wear tights to school so her dad said no, "I'm your dad and at the end of the day you'll do what I say." She cleverly quipped, "it's the beginning of the day, so I'm wearing tights."

14. The Cow Says...

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A chicken restaurant commercial showed a cow crowing like a rooster. The little boy's mom asked, "how the cow makes that noise?" The child said, "It must have eaten a chicken."

15. The French Are Broken


One little girl and her brother moved to France when they were very little. After playing with the French kids, the brother ran inside crying, "Their mouths are broken!"

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