Funny Pics For People Who Are Way Too Tired Today

Life can be hard work at times, can't it? Aren't you tired? Don't you need a break?

The good news is that we firmly believe that there is a silver lining in every cloud and that the only real hard work is looking for it.

To save you from spending time hunting for that silver lining, we thought we'd share one of ours with you. 

We've found 20 photos all of which are designed to put a smile on your face. In fact, between you and us, some of them may make you laugh out loud. In fact, we're pretty certain that they will. So kick back and enjoy, you've earned it.

1. Dessert Deserts


Somebody's going to be eating humble pie tonight after that little disaster. Those two pies have ex-pie-red and there's not much that can be done about it. 

2. Use The Train Luke


After a hard day at the office ordering the extermination of star systems, Lord Vader was too tired to read a newspaper on his commute home.

3. Mini Monitor


We can imagine that this little girl has quite an inspiring effect on shop staff. This might be worth adopting when we go shopping, in fact. 


4. Swim For Your Dinner


Sure, we know what it's like to be hungry, but sometimes you've got to switch off the electricity and eat out. This is one of those times. 

5. Poor Grandpa


Oh well, it's better than having to tell the hamster that his wheel will never take him wherever he thinks he's going, isn't it?

6. Ouch


There's a problem when your imaginary friends leave you behind, but one that can be easily solved by imagining some more friends. Nicer ones. 

7. Oh No!


That sticker. We hope that it's never actually been needed. We suspect that someone's mom has just been making sure, just in case. 

8. Self-Awareness


There's something about social media that makes us worry for the future of the world. Posts like this one don't put our minds at ease. 

9. A Triple Word Score


We're not sure you could even build a Scrabble board long enough to accommodate that incredible word. German works by joining many smaller words together to form new words like this monster. 


10. Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING


We like the idea of pumpkin spice. We're pretty certain that we don't need it in our tires. 100% certain to be precise. 

11. The Crumbs Of Truth


Michigan has an unusual policy of building highways that last only 20 years. It's cartoons like this one that have helped policy makers to consider building better roads in the state. 

12. The Post Exercise Routine


Reddit user /u/brentf2000 says, "My dad was gonna go for a run. He laid down to stretch his back. Found him asleep 30 minutes later."

13. The Moment Of Choice


This photo speaks of untold possibilities. Did the fashion police snatch the owner for wearing crocs? Did the owner have a sudden realization and cast them aside? Did they go swimming? We'll never know. 

14. All Cats Are Grey In The Dark


Well, these two cats will be able to test out that theory. You've cat to be kidding us. They are really nice beds though, we'd like some of those for ourselves. 

15. Guarding Grandpa


It is important to make sure that you can keep an eye on elderly relatives, so why not make a huge hole in the side of their house to facilitate that?

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