Funny Sleeping Dogs

Is there anything better than sleeping? When we're bundled up in bed with a mountain of comfy blankets and our favorite pillow, there's hardly anywhere else we'd rather be. But what about when the conditions aren't so ideal? When we're forced to sleep somewhere uncomfortable, the night feels like an eternity. Anyone who's ever been forced to sleep on airplanes, air mattresses or lumpy couches will know this pain. You wake up 17 different times throughout the night with cricks in your neck and bags under your eyes. Throw in a loud snorer and you might as well wave goodbye to any "Z"s you planned on catching that night. 

These dogs, however, know a thing or two about snoozing in all the wrong places. Falling asleep under some of these difficult conditions is something that most of us only dream of doing. Check out the pictures below and keep these comfortable pups in mind the next time you have to catch some shut eye in uncomfortable quarters.

1. This makes counting sheep a lot easier.

2. "Well yes, it's technically a 'flower bed,' but that doesn't mean ... oh, nevermind."

3. When you physically can't make it to the bed.

4. Water bowl? I think you mean "puppy pool" ...


5. Someone was too lazy to build a pillow fort.

6. This should come standard in every car.

7. “This table scratches my neck better than my owners ever did.”

8. And if it ever gets too sunny, juts pop open that umbrella.

9. When your stomach wants food but your body needs sleep.

10. This sleepy pup is doing its best "snake" impression.


11. "My pillow is a size 9."

12. Dreaming about becoming the world's first canine rock star.

13. “I’ll have one sleep sandwich, extra comfy, hold the blankets.”

14. The best part? You always wake up sparkly clean.

15. Puttin' it in park.

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