Garbage Men Reveal The Weirdest Things We Have Ever Thrown Away

The average American throws away 4.5 pounds of trash every single day, which is collectively enough to fill 63,000 garbage trucks. Almost one-third of garbage that's thrown away is packaging, a lot of it is food, and the rest of it is made up of everything else under the sun. No one sees more garbage than the garbage men themselves, and the ones that have shared their personal stories have reported finding some pretty interesting stuff. The following 15 items are things that we throw out every single day, and as you'll see, some are weirder than others. 

1. Private Information

South Florida Times

You'd think we would be careful with private documents containing sensitive material, but we're not! Garbage men report finding a lot of paperwork that should have been shredded before it was put out on the curb. 

2. Antique Items

Meio Bit

Sometimes people see an old item and assume that it's garbage, but occasionally those old things are actually worth a ton of money. One man reported finding an Enigma machine in the trash, which was an encryption device used by the Nazis. It was worth $10,000. 

3. Live Animals

Bunny Approved

Luckily, sometimes throwing away live animals is done by mistake! One garbage man reported finding a box of live rabbits after a woman accidentally threw them away. 

4. Classified Information

Business Insider

One man found a nice desk on a curb that was being thrown away and took it home to clean it up. Inside some of the drawers, he found classified information from the U.S. Department of Defense.

5. Memories


Some people like to hold onto their memories for as long as possible, but sometimes they are no longer needed. Things like photos and letters get thrown out quite often. 

6. Jewelry

One garbage man reported finding a bag with an engagement ring it. It's likely that there's a lot of jewelry thrown away both on purpose and on accident out there. 


7. Money

One garbage man reported finding almost $3,000 in a recycling bin. This particular man decided to keep the cash as opposed to trying to find its owner. 

8. Weapons


Quite a few garbage men have reported finding guns and other weapons in garbage piles. It's hard to imagine where exactly they come from and why they're suddenly considered trash. 

9. Casino Chips

Ecomass Technologies

One garbage man in Las Vegas found enough casino chips and other valuables that he was able to buy a home within a couple years. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. 

10. Body Parts

Greg's Mixed Media Gallery

Some garbage men have reported finding body parts in the garbage, both real and fake. Apparently, moving a body part is disrupting a crime scene, as one person found out the hard way. 

11. Chemicals

MPR News

One garbage man came across a bunch of chemicals in a trash can that came from a high school chemistry lab. Some of them were pretty dangerous. 

12. Clothes


A ton of people throw clothing away, and some of them are still new with tags. Some garbage men report finding a lot of new clothes after the holiday season. 


13. Electronics

Vintage Tech Recyclers

A lot of people throw away electronics. Sometimes it's because they're broken, and sometimes it's just because it's time for an upgrade or they no longer have space for them. 

14. Collectables

Penn Live

Sometimes people throw away collectible items like baseball cards and stamps, which can be worth quite a lot of money. Sometimes people just don't know their worth. 

15. Bugs

Allpet Roaches

There are numerous stories of garbage men coming across bugs in garbage cans. Roaches, maggots, you name it. One can only imagine where all the bugs come from.  

As you can see, people throw away some interesting things every single day! It's a good reminder to think twice before you throw anything out. Be sure to SHARE this with your family and friends!

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