Genius Life Hacks That'll Make Every Day Simpler And Smoother

Lifehacks have secured their spot as one of the internet's greatest offers, and the truth is that we'll never be able to get enough of them. Who doesn't want to learn new and easy things that could have potentially great payoffs? There's something in this roundup for everyone: innovative ways to prevent trampoline injuries, simple tricks to make things move quickly in the kitchen, and even an innovative tip for artists that you've probably never seen before.

Read on for a few tips and tricks—there are definitely a few you haven't seen anywhere else!

1. Figure Out Egg Freshness


When eggs are refrigerated, it'll take weeks for them to spoil and actually go bad. Floating them in water is an easy way to figure out their freshness until then.

2. Stash Cupholder Cash In Plain Sight


Do you live in a city where you've got to secure your valuables? It's still wise to keep an emergency stash in your car, and this is a great way to hide something in plain sight.

3. Try New Things In The Kitchen


Are you trying to cook two pizzas at once with only one pan? Get geometric and cut them up to feed more people (or yourself) much faster.

4. A Cheap And Easy Way To Tie Up Cords


There are plenty of different products you can buy to organize cords and cables, but this has to be one of the cheapest and most satisfying methods out there.

5. Prevent Trampoline Mishaps With Pool Noodles


Parents know that trampolines and other yard activities can cause plenty of trouble and injury. Minimize some risk by chopping up pool noodles to cover up those springs!

6. The Best Hanging Hook, Ever


This is a really whimsical way to hold everything from mail to keys, towels, and more. Who knew that tennis balls could look so cute?

7. Open Stubborn Jars With Duct Tape


This could leave a bit of residue on the lid of a stubborn jar, but that's probably better than wringing your palms until they hurt.


8. Extend That Power Strip


This is a fantastic idea, especially for those of us who live in vintage spaces with very few outlets. Maybe proceed with caution, though, because it seems like this could be a fire hazard...

9. Toast Soft Shells And Turn Them Crispy


I've never seen anyone do this and I thought this was a deep fryer at first! Try toasting soft shells to turn them into their crispier counterparts.

10. Label Your Leftovers


You won't have to dig around the fridge for long if you just label your leftovers in a note. Just scribble them out when they're gone.

11. Instant Breakfast Eggs


Take an egg, put a few drops of water in a coffee mug, add the egg and microwave for a single minute. Eggs to perfection. 

12. The Parts Tray On The Refrigerator


Using a magnetic parts tray to affix to the front of the fridge means you can keep essentials like a bottle opener and a lighter permanently at hand. 

13. Nice Looking Apples Always


Want to stop apples from turning brown in the bag? It's easy when you know that adding a drop of lemon juice does just that.

14. Never Lose Track Of Your Notebooks


Don't want to have to hunt for a book in your bag? Make it easier on yourself by writing a number or description on the end of the book like this. 

15. Double Dipping With A Stove Grate


Not only do stove grates keep your pans over flames, but they also make for awesome cooling racks when they're not needed on the stove. 


16. Making DIY Much Easier With A Muffin Tin


When you're building one of those awkward home furnishings from Ikea, you can use a muffin tin to keep all the parts organized. Just like this. 

17. Stop Keyboard Wobbles With Binder Clips


This is an awesome life hack and one we've put into use a fair few times already. Put binder clips on your keyboard and stop annoying wobbling. 

18. Soften Lip Balm Easily In The Car


If your lip balm is too solid to do any good, you can quickly soften it by putting it in the vent of your car, as shown here in the picture. 

19. Keep Trash Bags In Place Using Stick On Hooks


This is great because trash bags are always getting into awkward positions, making dumping stuff more difficult than it has to be. Use a hook and keep that bag in place.

20. Get The Most Out Of A Toothpaste Tube


You can get every last drop out of a toothpaste tube if you just attach a binder clip and use that to squeeze up the tube as it empties. 

You definitely learned at least one new thing, right? We thought so.

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