Get Effortless Curls That Look Perfect With ... Paper Towels?

There are quite a few hair and beauty tips in the world that seem revolutionary when you discover them. Then you find out later that people have been doing the same thing for years, decades, or centuries, it’s only been “forgotten” in an era of electric hair tools and fancy product. Heatless curls are one such technique. Especially “rag” curls. These loose, luxurious curls sit somewhere between naturally curly hair and that tight, curling-iron perfection. They can add a ton of volume to any head of hair and you can do them as much or as little as you want because they’re so simple to do.

The only downside is, you typically have to keep a supply of torn- or cut-up rags around to get them. That, or you have to rip up an old t-shirt every time you want this lush look. Well, Katie Rossi from YouTube channel Cute Girls Hairstyles is offering up a clever variant of this “rediscovered” no-heat curling technique.

By using paper towels, she can whip up a whole set of “rags” in a flash, and even better, when they’ve served their purpose, they can take a quick trip to the compost bin! Commenters have also suggested that you can use kraft paper, like from grocery bags! We’re betting there are other options just sitting around, waiting to be discovered but this one is pretty darn great and the results speak for themselves.

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H/T: Cute Girls Hairstyles

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