Get In The Halloween Spirit With A Look Back On Our Favorite Trick-Or-Treat Moments

Oct 15, 2015

It’s the most spooky time of the year. Halloween spirit is in full swing, and while time may be winding down to pick out a costume for this year, you still can gain some inspiration from the legends of Halloween past. There are certain people who just know how to do Halloween right. Every neighborhood has that one house that goes all out every October, filled to the brim with fake spiderwebs, eerie music and king-sized candy. So today we are celebrating these legends.

We combed through our archives and found some of the best Halloween moments to share with you. From creepy pranks to adorable costumes, these people are doing it right. So grab a handful of candy corn and get ready to learn from our favorite Halloween heroes. 

Dad Makes His Daughter An LED Minnie Mouse Costume For Halloween – October 23, 2014 

This awesome dad handmade the perfect trick-or-treat costume for his little girl. It’s got all the qualities of the perfect costume: funny, cute, original and just a teeny bit spooky. As adorable as this little girl is, if I ever ran into a glowing, stick-figure version of Minnie Mouse I would probably be a little freaked out. 


Hilarious Fake Treat – March 22, 2009 

Speaking of being freaked out, this trick-or-treat prank is the stuff of nightmares. This poor neighborhood was left terrified of Timmy the dummy, who they all thought was just a silent little boy who refused to move or leave their house. I’m definitely going to be a little more skeptical of all the kids knocking on my door this year after watching this. 


Mature Beyond Her Age – November 4, 2012 

It’s no secret that the most important part of Halloween is acquiring and then stuffing your face with candy, but this little girl has some different priorities. Even after her mom tried to trick her into thinking that all of her Halloween candy was gone, she remained calm and understanding. Her maturity and love for her mom shines through. Maybe there is more to Halloween than candy. 

So as October 31st draws near, remember you’re never too old or young to be added to the pantheon of Halloween greats. Whatever you end up doing, make sure to share it with us.

Do you have a favorite video from the past? Let us know in the comments and make sure to join us every Thursday as we continue to dig deeper into our archives and explore the world of Wimp.

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