Get Rid Of Ants With This Life Hack

It's summer time, for most of us, at least. No matter what season you might be experiencing, here's a very helpful trick. Grant Thompson has a YouTube video featuring some awesome tips that make life easier. From hamburgers to pests, this video will make you wonder how you never thought of these simple solutions on your own.

What should you expect to see? Here are a few topics the video covers.

You know when you're eating a hamburger and everything falls out of the bun? The top bun is much thicker than the bottom. By eating the hamburger upside down, it gets less soggy, and less likely to fall apart. Did you know that you can get rid of ants naturally? Grind some popcorn kernels into corn meal. Place small piles of the mixtures near ant trails and they'll be gone in days.

Watch the video below for a bunch of more interesting tips.

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