Get Rid Of Dreaded Washing Machine Mildewing With 2 Common Ingredients

When the whole purpose of using your washing machine is to get your clothes clean, the idea of mold hiding in your washer is pretty gross. If it's supposed to leave your clothes fresh, then shouldn't it be getting itself clean, too? Unfortunately, that's not true for some washers, particularly front-loading machines. It's been discovered that this type of washer can harbor mold spores, which then disperse into each load of laundry you do.

The problem is so prevalent, apparently, that a lawsuit has even been filed against manufacturers of front-loading machines. That means that, if you have a front-loader, you should check your machine right away. Never fear, though; if you do find mold, you can get rid of it easily with just two simple ingredients.

Be warned: this rubber seal can hide a surprising amount of nasty mold. Because many parts of washing machines are expensive to fix, people whose clothes consistently smell like mildew after coming out of the wash just choose to get a new washer. Luckily, if the smell is caused by this mold, it's an easy fix.


But don't worry just yet, you can easily have your machine sparkling again with only white vinegar and bleach. Word to the wise: never mix these two ingredients together. If you do, you'll end up with a very toxic mixture.

First, mix bleach with warm water, in equal parts. Grab a towel, soak it in the mix, and then wipe down every part you can reach. If the mold in a specific area is especially tough to remove, soak the rag again and use it to cover the mold. Come back in 30 minutes and try again. Once you've scrubbed everything well, run your machine (empty) on the hottest cycle possible. 


When the machine is done with that cycle, add 16 ounces of vinegar to your machine and run it on empty one more time, again at the hottest setting. That's it! For just a little time and money, you've got a perfectly clean machine. Now that you've removed the mold, you can find out more on the lawsuit concerning some front-loaders in the video below.

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