Get Rid Of Skin Tags With Household Items

You've probably had a skin tag at some point in your life. They're annoying little flaps of skin that can appear near your eyes, armpits, neck, or anywhere with thin skin that rubs together. 

While they won't hurt you, many people don't like the look of skin tags and resort to going to the doctor to have the cut or frozen off. 

Instead of resorting to surgery, here's a simple home remedy to try. 

Here's how to remove skin tags at home:

1. Douse a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar

2. Apply the vinegar to the affected area 2 or 3 times a day

3. Repeat for a week

4. You'll notice the tag darken and then fall off

Watch the video below for details on this simple treatment.

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H/T: Doug Willen | AWM

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