Giant Lynx Makes The Cutest Sound Whenever His Human Rubs His Face

The Canadian lynx is one of the most elusive creatures in North America. Their dwindling numbers are a result of excessive hunting and trapping for their fur, as well as a loss of habitat, and were added to the endangered list in 2002. These majestic creatures deserve better, which is why Bernadette Hoffman started a program called Wildlife Education in upstate New York.

Her program helps educate children and the general public about the importance of wildlife conservation, and she uses Canadian lynx named Max as her animal ambassador. Max was born in captivity at a zoo, but is still wild enough not to be considered domesticated, and lives in an indoor/outdoor enclosure that Bernadette made for him.

While most lynxes tend to avoid human contact, Max seems to relish getting a little TLC from Bernadette, especially when she gives him a head massage. He starts purring and rolling around like he was a cute littleĀ kitten, and the look of satisfaction on his face is simply priceless.

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H/T: Rumble

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