Giant Parasitic Worm Crawls Out Of Dead Spider

Spiders are gross and terrifying. That is a sentiment shared by a lot of people around the world (including my wife). While my personal views on them are somewhat more benevolent (I don't like killing them), I can't say I'm not creeped out by them. 

In Australia, spiders are much more dangerous, which is why when Australian YouTuber baskwith2 discovered a spider in his home, he immediately bombarded it with a thick shower of bug spray.

What happened next is too creepy - a strange, massive worm started to crawl out of the dead spider! Scientists say it's a worm from the Mermithidae family, but my personal theory after seeing it is that it's a nightmare creature from a dimension of unspeakable horror. Agree to disagree, I guess.

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H/T: baskwith2

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