Girl Develops Infection After Coming Into Contact With Contaminated Water

In Virginia, a 6-year-old girl contracted a bacterial infection after going for a swim at the beach.

Nicole Sullivan says that her daughter, Bella, was diagnosed with impetigo after visiting Huntington Beach, Virgina.

Impetigo is a skin infection that affects kids from ages two to five, it’s contagious and is frequently contracted in the summer. It usually not dangerous, but in some rare cases, it can cause kidney problem.

Bella started showing signs of redness and swelling after swimming in the ocean.

"I thought maybe it was just poison ivy so I put some caladryl lotion on it and [gave her] some Benadryl," Nicole said.

Bella didn’t get any better.

Nicole said, "Tuesday morning she woke up and both eyes were completely closed shut and she was completely swollen, her face, her neck, her arms also.”

Nicole rushed Bella to the doctor, where they realized that a scratch on Bella’s face had let bacteria into her bloodstream, causing the impetigo.

Nichole said, "If you plan to take your child to the beach, see if they have any openings in their skin, hold off on going to the beach perhaps if you do see anything like that or cover them up really well. I wouldn't want anything like that to happen to other kids, it's very painful."

Environmental Health Manager for the Peninsula District Gary Hagy pointed out that the water is tested every week, but the risk can’t be fully eliminated.

Parents shouldn’t be the only ones worried about infection, adults, and people with compromised immune systems or diabetes can also be affected.

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H/T: America Now

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