Girl With Down's Syndrome Photobombs News Report In Most Adorable Way

A news report in Queensland, Australia, took an unexpected turn when a surprise guest wandered into the frame.

Reporter Scott Linden was finishing up a report from the local shopping mall when a young woman named Georgia Knoll snuck into the frame and started mugging for the camera. At first, Linden was a little flustered by the event, but soon he took notice of Georgia and warmed to her.

Linden invited her to speak on camera and Georgia jumped at the opportunity. "Hi Mom! Hi Dad!" Georgia exclaims giddily in the heart-warming moment.


On Facebook, Linden mentioned that he's been doing his "Street Talk" segment for 9 or 10 years. "I reckon we’ve done around 400 editions… This is the most memorable Street Talk of those 400 or so.”

In a follow-up with the news station, Knoll explained that she was super excited about the outpouring of support for her appearance. 

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H/T: InspireMore | 7 News Mackay

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