Glassblowing Company Turns Cremated Ashes Into Everlasting Works Of Art

The death of a loved one is typically the most difficult thing most of us will ever go through. The specifics of it can vary widely but the grief and pain associated with the loss are universal. As are the often unexpected surprises that come within minutes, hours, and days of a loss. One of these is the funeral arrangements. Most religions and cultures rush right into this which certainly makes sense but it places an expectation on a grieving child, widow, or parent to make about a hundred decisions at a time when they’re at best numb and, at worst, emotionally torn to shreds.

Whether to bury a loved one or opt for cremation is one of these decisions, and the tide has been shifting toward the latter for some time. In just a couple of years, it’s expected that over 50% of all funerals will involve cremation.

Because cremation creates the opportunity to retain a loved one’s ashes, new and innovative concepts have cropped up to try and allow people flexibility in how they choose to grieve. While many families opt to simply bury or scatter ashes and move onward, others choose to inter the beloved family member’s ashes in a building known as a columbarium, or to even keep some or all of the ashes in an urn or another funerary vessel in their home.

New technologies are also getting into the memorial act, with some companies offering to turn a portion of the ashes into a synthetic diamond, or even launch the ashes into space.

But older technologies are finding new ways to aid the bereavement process as well. Glassblowers, for example, have found an increasingly popular way to turn their craft into a beautiful tribute to anyone who is gone from this world but not forgotten.

One such company, Artful Ashes in Seattle, offers a fairly comprehensive array of memorial glass art for such purposes.


The skilled glassblowers incorporate a small portion of cremains into the glass during the creation of the sculptures, creating a beautiful and enduring tribute to the deceased.

But their offerings extend beyond simply just selling a trinket on order. Those in the area can come to the studio and watch the memorial being crafted.

They can select the colors to be used, and get to watch the ashes being incorporated into the molten glass.

This allows the families to truly be a part of the process from start to finish.

And they can really understand and appreciate the skill and care that goes into each piece.

A variety of stands are available, including lighted ones to create a truly stunning display.


No matter which way you go, you can be certain that the end result is going to be a lovely tribute to your loved one.

As unique as they were.

Even better, with care, these memorials can last nearly forever.

So, you’ll never have to truly let them go.

And can always keep them close to your heart.

H/T: Artful Ashes

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