Grab These Items From A Dollar Store. What You Can Make With Them Will Entertain The Whole Family

We all love summer, but it's easy to forget how having the kids home from school can really add up with all the driving, activities, camps and parties. So seize the day when you can hack a dollar store find and get a whole summer afternoon out of it. Check out this list for some fun and frugal ideas.

1. Some tempura paint and pool noodles make fun stamps for a craft day.


2. Make this the summer of pool noodle lightsabers.

Muddy Boots

3. Hula hoops are really just enormous bubble makers.

Dollar Store Crafts

4. With a little duct tape and a pool noodle, you've got yourself some outdoor rings for games.


5. And obstacle courses.


6. Give your kids their very own garden area with dollar store garden supplies.

Growing a Jeweled Rose

7. Dunk a sponge necklace in apple cider vinegar for an all-natural way to keep the bugs away.

Kimberly Stoney

8. Chalk and sponges create fun driveway games.

Mamas Like Me

9. "Duck, duck, goose" turns into "duck, duck, drench" with a sponge on a hot day.

Mamas Like Me


10. Hula hoops and old sheets of fabric strips make temporary cabanas.

Alanna George

11. Turn a pool noodle into a sprinkler.

Ziggity Zoom

12. Colanders aren't just for the kitchen. They're great for water balloon games.

Parties 4 Me

13. Really, you can't go wrong with water balloons.

The Happier Homemaker

14. Hula hoop competitions are a great way to wear out young partygoers.

Amazing Kids Parties

15. Dollar store frames, food coloring and glue will dry to make stained glass panels.

Still Parenting

16. Give the kids a budget and let them loose in the dollar store to create their own dollar store carnival with plastic party ware and toys.

Morena’s Corner

17. Hula hoops, frisbees and other dollar store toys are great for creating Olympic games on the beach.

A Small Snippet

18. Glow sticks in Mason jars let you keep track of kids as it starts to get dark.

Creative Green Living

19. The dollar store is a perfect place to stock up on rainy day arts and crafts.

Creative Connections

20. Dipping suction cup arrows in tempera paint makes for a fun, messy paintball kind of game. Just have the hose at the ready.

All Things Thrifty


21. Tiny ones make magic by mixing water, cornstarch and food coloring.

No Twiddle Twaddle

22. You can paint a baking sheet with chalkboard paint for car seat entertainment.

Sunny With A Chance of Sprinkles

23. Painted roasting pans create an adorable little army of ninja turtles.

Baby Boy Halloween Costumes

24. A frisbee and a bucket make an easy backyard game.

Stuff and Things

25. Crush up chalk and add water for washable chalk paint.

Stuff and Things

26. Plastic cups, Tupperware and snacks are great for little picnic parties.

Global Toy News

27. Bandana ties make instant three-legged races.

New Life Lutheran

28. Buckets are perfect for relay races and bobbing for apples.


29. Foam stickers and rocks are great for little naturalists to document their rock collection.

Thrive 360 Living

30. A clear shower curtain and some dry erase markers make a wonderful, washable outdoor canvas.

I Heart Arts and Crafts

Credit: FaithTap

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