Grandmother Of Triplets Receives $300 Tip From Kind Stranger

Shiela Weisgerber from Lisbon, North Dakota is the grandmother of 4-year-old triplets who she raises largely on her own. Their mother is already a single parent and just wasn't able to care for three additional kids. "She tried to do it, and when the boys were two months, she said she couldn't do it, so I stepped in and offered to raise the boys," said Shiela.

The boys' father tragically passed away in a car crash earlier this year.

While taking care of the three boys could be "very overwhelming" for the 48-year-old, she cherishes the opportunity to watch her grandkids grow up. "I love children and it wasn't in my cards to have more," she said. "And now I've been blessed to raise the boys. If I was asked to do it over again, I would. These little guys are a true blessing."

On April 30, Shiela was talking to some regulars at the First and Last Chance Bar, where she works. A couple overheard her talking about her family, and they couldn't believe it. "And they were like, 'Holy cow! Triplets?'" Shiela recalls.

Being a proud granny, she pulled out pictures to show them. Later on, when the couple paid for their meal, they left her a $300 tip and also wrote "Take care of those boys!" on the receipt.

Naturally, Shiela was taken completely by surprise! "I was in disbelief at first. I looked at it, and I looked at it again. You read stuff about it, and you hear about it, and you wonder, 'Is that really true? Do people really do that?'"

She was so overcome with emotion that she cried for several minutes in the bathroom. She also posted about the incident on Facebook, where it went viral.

Dave Cole, the owner of the bar, says the community was also uplifted by the incident. "The last few months have been really hard with random deaths around here," he said. "We really needed a boost. This was a godsend. Literally, it made everybody brighten up."

Shiela has opened up a savings account for the three boys and put $100 into each one's account.

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H/T: Opposing Views | Shiela Weisgerber

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