Grateful People Recall The Best Day Of Their Lives

Have you ever noticed that so much of what goes on on the Internet is focused on life's negatives? That's not what we want to see, and today we're going to do something very different.

The folks on Reddit were asked, "What happened to you on the best day of your life?" Hundreds of people responded to tell the world all about their most magical day.

We found the 20 most interesting and brought them here for you. We hope you enjoy them, it's really comforting to know that good things still go on in this world. 

1. Self-Esteem Boost


/u/g0n4crayloc says it was a woman that made his day, "Hearing the girl I liked accepting to be my girlfriend. It didn't work out but I still remember I was the happiest dude alive, on top of the world.

"Before that, I was so self-conscious but knowing that someone liked me enough to want to spend time with me in a relationship made me the happiest man and in general just confident with myself. Thanks to that I don't worry about self-esteem issues anymore."

2. Baby Beat The Blues


/u/Mikepyp fondly remembers, "I was having a pretty [terrible] week at work. I don't usually stress at all, but on this particular evening, I was feeling stressed. I get home.

"The first thing I see is my oldest child (about 6 months old at the time) sitting on the floor of our living room. She turns and sees me, opens her mouth with the largest smile possible and gasps because she was so happy to see me. That one moment literally made everything bad that had ever happened to me completely leave my mind."

3. Beautiful. Just Beautiful


/u/Utterlybemused shares this miracle moment, "My son has mild Hemiplegia, it's a form of cerebral palsy that only affects one side of the body. He always wanted to be doing what his big sister was, but more than anything he wanted to ride a scooter like she did, she is only 18 months older than him and they are very close.

"When he finally learned to scoot he said, 'See now I can scoot just like Jess'  I don't think I have ever had a single moment in my life that has come close to the pure joy I had right then."

4. Touching Gesture


/u/mollylolly88 says it was the kindness of another that made her day, "I got hired to teach first grade the Friday before school started. I walked into my classroom and the room was a wreck, had no materials, and no clue what I was doing.

"My boyfriend showed up with a bouquet of roses and helped me put everything together. Then, we went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant and he asked if he could call me his fiancé. It was probably the sweetest way I could imagine a proposal and ever since then, even on my worst days (and as a first-year teacher there have been plenty), I think about that day and it makes me feel new again."

5. Unexpected Bliss

The Sheet

/u/_SPLINTERS has a much more shocking story than the others to tell, "When I found out my ex who would verbally abuse me and refused to leave me alone after the break up was going to jail, and that my opportunity to move out of state was actually going to happen."

6. To Be Expected

Medi Manage

/u/KiwiDad's story is one many of us will be familiar with, "It's not overly original, but the best day of my life was the day our son was born. Before that day, I had never been comfortable holding babies. I liked them, but just couldn't quite figure out how to properly hang on to them.

"But the moment I held my boy for the first time, I could rest him on my forearm and felt totally at ease holding him. Yeah, that was a good day..."


7. A Chain Reaction


/u/hiddenwarrior's most perfect day consisted of many things going right one after another, "Ate my favorite breakfast: scrambled eggs. Went to park with girlfriend. Got first kiss. Mom won a lotto scratcher, 20,000 dollars. Had favorite lunch: chili dogs. Got a new dog. Had favorite dinner: burritos."

8. Sobriety


/u/MotterFodder's tale is celebratory, "I was secretly excited about the fact that I was approaching 1,000 days sober.

"I didn't say anything to anyone though, because no one cared. Anyway, the morning of 1000 days, my husband (who was the only one who was really happy for me or acknowledged it), woke me up and told me to come downstairs. So I did.

And down there was a huge bouquet of flowers, three gorgeous bracelets, and a $150 gift card to my favorite local restaurant. It was from my girls online. It was the nicest, most loving thing anyone has ever done for me."

9. Incredible Luck

Nerd Wallet

This story from /u/Shaolin816 takes some beating, "I went to a charity auction, spent about $50 on raffle tickets and freakishly won their two top sweepstakes prizes: a titanium racing bike and a TV, and then at the end of the night I won the 50/50, an entire hefty bag of $1 bills. People were complaining it was all rigged. Never won a single thing since then. I guess I used it all up in one night."

10. Tales Of Excess


/u/Greg_Ostertag's most awesome day came about because of his own awesomeness, "I bench pressed 385 (my all time max) and got a nuke in Modern Warfare 2 in the same day. In celebration, I proceeded to consume beer and taco bell until I passed out." We like that. 

11. Meeting The One

Medical Daily

/u/WhyBecauseISaidSo says, "Chose to go to a dive-bar just to get out of the house. Met a cute guy. Had an amazing time but never exchanged numbers.

"Two days later, the plumber is fixing the water heater. Go to see if plumber needs anything. Guy I met works for my plumber! Too awkward to exchange numbers then and there. Job is complete and guy leaves with plumber - still no number.

"Later that night, find what I think is a parking ticket on my windshield. Guy came back and left his name and number on my car. It's been 7 years: we're married, have two daughters and a son on the way."

12. And Then There Were Three

American Pregnancy

/u/Anedies' story is very human, "The honest answer was the day we found out she was pregnant. She handed me the positive pregnancy test and said you may want to see this before you go to bed. I couldn't believe it, we just hugged and kissed and enjoyed the moment.

"There was a wash of euphoria and happiness that washed over me that I had never felt before. I didn't get much sleep that night because I just started thinking about what the world would be like in 9 months."

13. Life Can Be Cruel


/u/cactusmac54 shares something painful and joyful, "Years ago when my oldest son was 20 months old,  he had spinal meningitis, and it was fairly advanced. The doctors prepared us for the worst by telling us 'the next 24 hours are very critical.'  The pain of watching your baby slip away is indescribable.

"I bent down to look at his tiny little body with all these tubes and monitor wires stuck into him when I noticed his eyes had opened.  His eyes shifted to look at mine and he ever-so-weakly said, "Hi daddy." I laid my head next to his and just lost it...I made sounds I'd never heard come out me before or since.  I. Am. So. Blessed."

14. The Love Of His Life


/u/ikinflovecoloring shares this nice time, "The day I was hanging out with my crush. We were both horrendous at giving signals, so it was a little slow. Eventually, I grabbed her hand while we were walking and she grabbed back. The smile on her face was the greatest thing I have ever seen."


15. The Son's Recovery

Let The Kids

/u/leandroc76's perfect moment came as a parent, "The first time my daughter and son said "I love you daddy." will always be one of the happiest moments in my life. But the happiest day, was when my son walked for the first time, for the second time.

"He was two when he was diagnosed with Guillaume Barre. By the time he was diagnosed, he had already been paralyzed from the waist down. Now he's 5 and completely recovered. He can outrun me now!"

16. Simplicity Is It


/u/quail_eater had this perfect day, "I was 13, walking my dog before school my dad told me to change into old clothes and forget about school. It was a lovely Irish summer Friday at 25oC the warmth was perfect and we drove to our newly bought holiday house to work in the garden which had been abandoned for 7 years.

"We spent the whole day cutting ivy and grass discovering rusty junk hidden under all the growth. Drunk Pepsi max, had ice cream and took me for a pub lunch at the local water hole. It was such a beautiful day by the sea."

17. Free To Go


/u/Kemikos offers this wonderful time, "The first time we brought our daughter home. She was born at 23 weeks gestation, weighing 1lb 4oz.

"I was there for the birth, and while it was probably the most powerful event of my life, it was actually kind of horrible. For the first few weeks, every doctor told us, in varying levels of euphemism, just how unlikely it was for an infant of her gestation to survive.

"The day they handed us her discharge papers and told us "she's healthy enough to go home" was the best by far."

18. Homecoming


/u/vrishchikaa says, "The day I came back to America from deployment was the best day of my life. Looking out the plane window as it landed and realizing I was finally home was the biggest relief and joy I've ever felt." We can completely understand that emotion. It must have been incredible.

19. All Together Now

Ottawa Parenting Times

/u/shadle2001 says this was his happiest day, "The best day actually happened just a couple of weeks ago. My three-year-old daughter walked over to me while I was sitting in my "Daddy's Chair". She asked if she could sit with me, so I picked her up and put her on my left side of my lap.

"Then my one-year-old boy didn't want to be left out and grunted for me to pick him up, so he went on the right side of my lap. After about 10 min my wife comes over and kisses me on the cheek and says, "you three look great together". It was at that moment, with both of my kids and my loving wife that I realized how wonderful life is."

20. We Are Family

Huffington Post

/u/Osiris32 shares this wonderful moment, "My [girlfriend] has a little boy from a previous relationship, and over the last year+ I've become his step dad in all but legality.

"I was over at their place, and after having a great day of playing at the playground and reading, it was time for him to go to bed. He was all tucked in, and I was talking to him about what we would do tomorrow, when he sat up, wrapped his arms around my neck, squeezed hard, and said "I love you."

What makes one person's day can quite easily not make the next person's. We are all unique and these 20 stories celebrate that fact. 

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