Great Dane Gets Jealous Of Mom Holding The New Puppy, So He Throws A Hilarious Fit

Dogs are often considered a member of the family, with pet owners often referring to themselves as "pet parents." That's not entirely inaccurate, because pets often act like kids. They love to play, eat, get in trouble, and even throw a tantrum now and again when they're not getting what they want.

That's what this Great Dane does in the clip below when he gets jealous that his mom is spending just a little too much time with the new puppy for his liking. He doesn't hesitate to let her know how he feels and isn't above using his sheer size to his advantage.

He gets right up in Mom's face, staring directly at her from inches away as if to say "Look at me!" He's absolutely massive, so it's not as if his ploy for attention is easy to ignore. Still, he's never actually aggressive, and doesn't bark or growl at the puppy - he just wants a little of that TLC coming his way too!

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H/T: Rumble Viral

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