Great Dane Is Not Happy When Mom Tells Him To Get Off The Bed. So, He Throws A Hilarious Tantrum

First recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1887, Great Danes have made a reputation for themselves as gentle giants. The breed is most commonly described as friendly, patient, and dependable, the perfect temperament for a service dog. While they obviously require a lot of food due to their size, they are generally fairly low maintenance.

Their short coat requires only occasional grooming and despite their size, they are not incredibly high-needs in the exercise department, either. In fact, too much exercise can lead to bone and joint problems due to their massive size.

It seems that one Great Dane has taken that advice a little too literally, because all he wants to do is stay in bed all day! Yep, all six-year-old Max seems to want to do is chill out all day. He's just lounging around in the bed when his Mom tells him to get off the bed. Even though he's deaf, all it takes is one quick look at her for him to know exactly what's going on. Still, Max isn't having any of it and he isn't shy about showing his true feelings about this unpopular decision!

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H/T: Rumble Video

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