Great Ways To Use PVC Pipes Around The House (other Than Plumbing)

We’ve all probably got a little bit of PVC piping in our homes. If you’ve got a newer house, it’s likely running through the entire building, draining water from sinks, showers, etc. PVC is the favorite choice of plumbers for drains because it’s so easy to work with. You can cut it quickly with a handsaw, or even quicker with a power saw. Even better? The “glue” that connects pieces of it actually fuses them together into one piece, so as long as you did a good job with it, that seal will be permanently waterproof.

Like many things in the worlds of construction, carpentry, and plumbing, when something is so flexible and easy to work with, it often finds its way into other, less expected uses. Think of duct tape, or even leaf blowers.

We personally love these types of inspiration guides because we often have extra material sitting around after a DIY project. That leftover stuff doesn’t have to go to waste when there are so many other handy ideas that can often be achieved with scraps after your original project is complete. Check out the toothbrush storage system and you’ll see what we mean!

A little bit of ingenuity, along with some brown paint and contact paper will get you these cute shoe cubbies.

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No cutting necessary for these clever planters

Leigh Laurel Studios

One popular use for PVC pipes is for storing things. This handy solution can keep your razor high and dry in even the wettest situations...

The Family Handyman


While this setup will help you get your BBQ flatware game on point.

Pretty Handy Girl

You don’t just have to stuff things inside of the pipes, either. A good length of PVC attached to a sturdy base will keep your boots in great shape.


You might not think of dull, white plastic tubes as decorative, but this creative “wreath” might just change your mind.

Ashbee Design

And while there might be prettier options around to stash your hair dryer or curling iron, it’s handy to be able to keep them together and you can really customize this “wye” fitting to your heart’s desire.

Once Upon a Family

This is one of our favorites: stash your measuring spoons out of the way, but never out of reach.

Ashbee Design

Or how about a fun project for your kids’ study station?

Designs by Studio C


One of the most common uses for PVC pipes is in the garage or garden shed. A few quick slices and a few drill holes will get you the perfect system for organizing your outdoor tools.

Ashbee Design

Similar to the measuring spoons, this system can help you achieve the impossible dream of a family bathroom with clean, uncluttered countertops!

Crafting in the Rain

Your children might actually want to put away their toys if they’ve got a fun system like this!


And while you’re at it, why not do a little “drawer-ganizing?”

Infarrantly Creative

Beautiful metal vases, or something your guests would never expect? Wait until you see the clever solution for water.


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