Grill Perfect Burgers Every Time With These 6 Expert Tips

Summer is winding down, but it's still warm enough to get in a little late-season grill time. Take advantage of this valuable time and brush up on your grilling techniques with these great grilling tips. They're all highly effective, and most of them are pretty easy on your wallet too! For instance, try putting an ice cube on your burger patty while grilling to maintain its juiciness. You could also use a pat of butter, which will definitely add more flavor, but is also more expensive and adds a lot of extra fat.

Once you're done, clean your grill while it's still warm with a balled up piece of aluminum foil. It'll clear up gunk and bits of meat just as well as any grill brush, but it's much cheaper and doesn't leave metal bristles all over the grill. For an even deeper clean, use half of a freshly-sliced onion. The acid in the onions cleans the grates without harsh chemicals.

If you're a seafood lover (I definitely am), but you hate the flaky mess that grilling fish can leave, try putting a layer of lemon slices between the fish and the grill. This will keep the fish from sticking to the grill, and will also provide a lovely lemon flavor to the fish. Once it's fully cooked, simply scoop the fish off the grill along with the lemon slices.

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H/T: Howdini

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