Guilty Dog Ashamed Of His Actions

Do you talk to your dogs? It's a pretty common thing that pet owners do. We treat our animals as if they were human and could understand every word coming out of our mouths. Sure, they understand basic commands like "sit" and stay." But, do we believe that they really can understand us?

No, our dogs don't understand English, that's ridiculous. But dogs are acutely proficient at understanding vocal tones and patterns. Daniel Martino found a pair of shredded up shoes and knew it had to be one of his dogs. In the video below, you'll see how the guilty party reacts to Daniel's tone. Before watching, do you think it was the pit bull or the dachshund?

Daniel begins the confrontation by asking who ate the shoes. “Who was it? Who did this to my insole? Which one of you two was it?” The way they react is hilarious. Each dog has a different way of dealing with the situation... watch below to see what they do!

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H/T: Daniel Martino

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