Hackers Are Spying On Kids With Baby Monitors

A family in Washington experienced a terrifying thing while using their baby monitor. Jay and Sarah were listening to the baby monitor when they realized that someone had hacked into it and spying on their child. But the story doesn't end there.

Their son had told Jay and Sarah that sometimes he was scared at night. When they asked him why, he said it was because sometimes someone would talk to him through the phone. The parents assumed he was having nightmares until Sarah was in her son's room one night and heard a voice come from the baby monitor, "wake up little boy, daddy's looking for you."

Even more terrifying, they noticed that the night-vision lens was under the hacker's control and he or she was capable of tracking their movement with the lens. When contacted, the baby monitor manufacturer, Foscam, confirmed that the device could have been hacked.

The family has come forward to try to make others aware of this invasion of privacy that is becoming more common now that technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are common in baby monitors. Experts suggest making sure you use different passwords for all of your connected devices and keeping their software up to date.

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H/T: Jesus Daily

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