Hacks To Improve Child Safety Without Spending A Fortune

Taking care of small children is a demanding job. It requires the patience of a saint combined with eyes in the back of your head. 

It's hard to be that observant all the time and that means whatever precautions you can take to ensure your child's safety, the better.

But many child safety devices are expensive and young families rarely have huge amounts of cash to spare. So with that in mind, we've found some awesome child safety life hacks that won't break the bank but will make your home safer and your life easier. Check them out now. 

1. Elastic Band Restraints

Joyfully Prudent

Of course, you don't restrain your child with an elastic band, but you can ensure that your cupboard doors remain firmly closed with one.

2. The Temporary Tattoo That Stops Children From Being Lost

Weight Down Weight Loss

If your child has a tendency to wander off in crowded places then you can help make sure that if they are lost, they don't stay lost. Write a message like this and cover in Skin Shield so it doesn't wear off.

3. The Numeric Necklace


If your child is too young to remember your phone number, you can always make a necklace like this one to ensure they have the number on them. 


4. Bath Safety And Tidy Tray


If your little one is forever losing their toys in the bath, then why not put your baby and their toys in a laundry basket and then put the basket in the bath? 

5. Socks As Knee Defenders

Bonzai Aphrodite

When toddlers are just learning to walk, they fall over a lot. You can help protect their knees from damage by using old socks as knee defenders. Just cut out the toes. 

6. Cable Safety Box


You'll need to cut a hole in the side of the box, but this is a great way to keep cables safe from small hands. 

7. Non Slip Pool Sneakers

Moms Recess

When your children are out playing by the pool, they can end up slipping easily. If you use a glue gun to add a little glue to their flip flops, they'll have more purchase.

8. Door Knobs Secured With Microwave Containers

Baby Prepping

Trim a microwave container to fit and you can ensure that doors that should stay closed, do stay closed. Small hands just slide right off. 


9. Instant Play Pens And Safety Barriers

One Good Thing By Jullee

You can use an expandable tension/shower rod or rods to create quick and simple safety barriers to stop little ones from wandering where they shouldn't.  

10. Book Shelf Secured With Tension Rod

A Mom Stake

You can make sure that books never fall on your little one's head by running a piece of tension rod across each shelf on a bookcase. 

We hope that you'll find these tips useful for you and your family. It's always better to be safe than sorry. 

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