Hair Dryers Aren't Just For The Bathroom. These 11 Tips Will Have You Using It All Over The House

Not only does your hair dryer make you look fabulous, but did you know it even has a few hacks in and outside of the bathroom? Bring your dryer up to its full potential with these great tricks.

1. Remove stickers easily by using your dryer to melt the glue.

The Unoriginal Support

2. Heat the ends of your glasses to make them more pliable so you can adjust the arms. 


3. Speed up your nail polish drying time.



4. Get the crayon off the walls with a blast from the dryer and some dish soap.

Momma Rambles

5. This works for candle wax too.


6. Clear up post-shower steam in your bathroom.


7. Blast your iced cake to give it a nice, professional gloss.

This Week For Dinner


8. Don't have time to bust out the iron? Cheat with your hair dryer.

Barters Closet

9. It's great for very focused, short bursts of heat in the kitchen.


10. Ease the pain of Band-Aid removal.

11. A hair dryer stand lets you use both hands for styling in the morning. Brilliant.


Credit: Aunty Acid

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