Handsome Vet Saves Animals And Breaks Hearts, All In A Day's Work

These days, people can go from unknown to famous in the blink of an eye. Remember Donald Gould? One minute he was homeless, but after a video of him playing piano in downtown Sarasota, Florida went viral on July 1, 2015, his life changed forever. Just two months later, he’d not only reunited with his son, but had the opportunity to perform the National Anthem at a 49ers game. How’s that for transformative?

However, not all “web celebs” come from such humble beginnings. From hackers like What’s Up Moms to personalities like Kid President, there are many who set and achieve the goal of becoming well-known online. Then, there’s Dr. Evan Antin. Like many of us, the veterinarian once used social media for personal networking with friends and family, but after the Internet got ahold of his photos, it wasn’t long before he had over 100,000 followers on Facebook and another 184,000 on Instagram. Why? This is one you have to see for yourself.

There he is – Dr. Evan Antin, the man, the myth, the legend. He might seem ordinary now, but just wait until he takes off his surgical mask. 

It’s impossible to ignore – the 31-year-old California-based vet is undeniably handsome. He looks like he belongs in Hollywood or on a Parisian catwalk, but there he is, taking care of an iguana. 

While his good looks might be what attracted thousands of followers online, they’re hardly the most impressive thing about him. After all, beauty fades. What really makes Dr. Antin stand out is his incredible passion for animals. 


Cats and dogs, like this beautiful husky, visit his clinic often, but Dr. Antin’s real specialty is exotic medicine. 

Before settling down at the Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in Thousand Oaks, California, Dr. Antin spent years traveling six continents and treating all types of wildlife. 

Although his favorite animals are reptiles (especially snakes and crocodiles) his love for wildlife doesn’t end there. In his own words, the bond between humans and animals is “one of the most special things on the planet.” 

It’s really no wonder that he makes so many people swoon. He’s even been featured in People magazine and on the Kris Jenner Show, which he says brought quite a bit of teasing from his colleagues. 

But for Dr. Antin, it’s all about helping animals in need. This one-eyed owl certainly looks thankful! 


His resume is already impressive, but there’s no telling what Dr. Antin will go on to do next. He says that his true passion is interacting with animals in their natural habitat. Perhaps he’ll become an expert in field research – after all, he’s already a leader in exotic medicine. 

On top of it all, he seems like a genuine and fun guy! Of course he has pets himself, including a cat, dog, lizard and several tropical fish, and of course he’s engaged to be married. We just hope that Dr. Antin continues doing his amazing work, and if he runs into any interesting creatures along the way, that he’ll be sure to send us a video. 

To hear more about Dr. Antin’s life and travels, check out the video below. 

Via: Little Things  Dr. Evan Antin

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