Have An Old Window Frame? These 15 Upcycle Ideas Take The Common Item To A Whole New Level

If there is one thing the Internet loves, it’s a good upcycle project. Between Pinterest and life hackers on YouTube, there seems to be no end to do-it-yourself projects. However, every once in a while, something comes around that really stands out. It’s unique, creative and doesn’t require a ton of skill – just like these window frames.

Sure, every house has window frames, but these upcycle creations take the common item to a new level. To see more details and how you can create them yourself, click on the link below each photo. Happy crafting!

1. Create a coffee table with see-through storage. 

Southern Hospitality 

2. Or make something more causal for outdoor use. 


3. An old window works great as unexpected, but stunning shelving. 

Hvitur Lakkris

4. As well as a rustic shower stall. 

Design Sponge


5. Forget a bed frame – old windows are way more interesting.  

Liz Marie Blog

6. And some screen and a window frame are perfect for storing jewelry. 

Oak Ridge Revival

7. Frame a picture with epic proportions. 

Milk and Honey Design

8. Or make something a little more understated. 

MTSOfan via Flickr

9. Breakfast in bed, served on a window tray? Yes, please.  

Eclectically Vintage

10. A window coat rack brings flair to an otherwise boring space.  

My Pink Life


11. While this window room divider spices up a space while providing separation. 

Ariel Dovas via Flickr

12. Old windows can even be used to create a brand-new structure, like this shed. 

After Dinner Design

13. Or this recycled greenhouse. The plants certainly look happy. 


14. Even the smallest of gardens can benefit from the addition of windows. 

David Owen via Flickr

15. But first, make this window chalkboard. It will be perfect for keeping track of all of your projects. 

House by Hoff

Via: Little Things

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