He Brought Home This Stray, Only To Realize She's An Incredibly Rare Husky/Golden Retriever Mix

The internet is full of stories of people who took in an animal off the street, only to realize that it wasn't at all the animal they thought it was. Most recently, there was the case of the guy whose wife brought in a stray puppy that was actually a coyote (thankfully, she was just pranking him). 

I've heard of mistakes as relatively innocent as a "teacup" pig growing to 300 pounds all the way to people adopting puppies that turned out to be actual bear cubs. Now, we've got another story to add to those annals, albeit one with a much sweeter ending.

Meet Phoebe, a fluffy stray who was rescued off the street.

A kind man spotted her roaming around and decided to take pity on what he thought was just a wild mutt by bringing her home.

It turns out, however, that Phoebe is far from your ordinary mutt - far from it, in fact.


Here's what the man posted about her when he first found her:

"I come from a pack of husky mixes who were roaming around wild. I was hungry, crying, and exhausted. When my people found me, they picked me up and I stopped crying. I was nine weeks old and had every parasite going!"

That wasn't all she had going, though...

Phoebe, as it turns out, is actually a very rare Husky/Golden Retriever mix.

This is a relatively new and highly-prized crossbreed. You can learn more about these dogs here.

Phoebe's mixed heritage gives her an extra fluffy, cuddly look.

Thankfully, she's got a loving forever home now, with a Mom and Dad who would love her just as much no matter what breed she was.

"My favorite activities include licking people's toes, playing ball and playing with other young and highly active dogs!"


"I am a self-admitted belly-rub addict, rolling over for every random passer-by. I also welcome ear scratches and chin rubs."

Awww, how sweet is that? 

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H/T: Diply

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