He Builds A Simple Wood Bed Frame. What He Does Next With LED Lights Is Anything But Ordinary

When this Imgur user set out to build a levitating bed frame, he figured it would take a weekend. It ended up taking four days, but the end result? So worth it.

The basic bed frame is made of lumber. Easy enough.

Then, he strung 24 feet of LED rope lights through the frame to give the bed a glowing vibe.

Next, another piece of lumber covered up the LEDs and the frame.


The frame, stand, and headboard come together.

He stained the visible parts of the planks and headboard.

It looks like a spacecraft is landing.

Now, with the mattress on in the light of day, the bed looks amazing.


Almost like it's built in as a shelf in the wall.

But night is when the bed really shines.

Source: ViralNova | Photography: Imgur

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