He Built A Custom Monopoly Board To Make 1 Question Incredibly Memorable

There's been a huge upswing in impressive and over-the-top proposals lately. Even teenagers have been staging elaborate public "prom-posals" to ask their would-be dates to a high school dance. Sometimes, though, a big public event isn't needed to make an impact.

Reddit user Justinlebon26 certainly showed everyone that with his understated, but thoughtful plan to pop the question.

He and girlfriend Michal have wiled away many pleasant hours playing the classic version of Monopoly, so he decided to take things up a notch.

He first took to good, old Excel to fashion his own property cards.

He then printed them on heavy card stock and laminated them so that they'd last.

While each property card represents a place that is special to the couple, the other cards are about the same as those found in classic Monopoly ...

... except one. Can you spot the special one?

After prepping his cards, he used a regular board for reference and began the arduous task of perfecting the layout.

He planned out every last detail and matched every single paint color.


He even put a fun spin on the houses and hotels.

These metallic pieces definitely look fancier than your typical Monopoly properties.

Then it came time to put the board itself together.

He sourced old redwood from an early 1900s ice box. 

The hefty game board even opens, so that all the pieces, cards and money fit inside.

Once he'd finished, it was certainly a sight to behold. This heirloom quality piece is guaranteed to be passed down through the generations.

While the "Pass Go, Collect $200" space is standard, the other spaces are not.

The first purple property on this special board is, where the couple met.

Also in the purple stretch of spaces lies First Street Alehouse, where they went on their first date.

A little further down, railroad spaces have been replaced by resorts where the couple have vacationed.


Even the game pieces have received the special treatment.

They're all metallic, but one piece in particular gives a clue as to what lies ahead.

This one-of-a-kind card really gives it away.

While most people hate being sent to the luxury tax square in a game, Michal couldn't get there fast enough.

Though the space itself doesn't look any different than one on a standard board, a special key reveals the secret.

A small handle pops the square right open, revealing a compartment below the tile.

Inside, Michal found a ring that can certainly described as luxurious.

And luckily for Justinlebon26, after all that work, she said yes!

Via: ViralNova

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