He Built This Crib For His Son 30 Years Ago. Wait Until You See What His Son Did With It

Thirty years ago, a man and his wife found out the exciting news that they were expecting. However, as Polish immigrants, they didn’t yet have jobs or much money in savings. Nonetheless, they tried to do the best they could for their baby boy who was on his way. The father knew his son would need a crib, so he decided to build him one on his own. Once that little boy grew up and found out he was expecting a baby daughter, he decided to do exactly as his father did. So, he started a new tradition and built the exact same crib his father once built for him.

This father built a bassinet for his son who was to arrive. He used a hand saw and a few pieces of pine to build the crib.

All that was left of the original crib was one piece, after having been handed down from one family to another.

The son decided to use the remaining board as a template for building the new crib.

He began by cutting the new pieces from wood.

Then, he sanded the pieces down.

Next, he placed the pieces next to each other in order to drill holes.

Just like that, he had already completed one of its sides.


Here is a comparison of the old piece and the new piece.

He used ash to create the crib’s bottom rockers.

He drew up a template to add some detail to the crib’s sides.


Here is one of the sides, as it has been glued together.

Then, the sides and ends were attached. Wooden plugs would connect them later.

Here is the son and father-to-be with his finished crib.

The son even recreated his father’s photo.

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Credit: Reddit

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